Sunday, 12 May 2013

Oh! The Places You'll Go!

Dr Seuss is a fabulous children's author. I didn't appreciate him enough in my younger reading days. Being a mother, I am now blessed with a second chance to immerse myself in his witty ways and interesting plays on words. My all-time favourite book of his is 'Oh! The Places You'll Go'. It could be given out as a manual for understanding life and I love sharing it with my clients.

The way he simplifies the complexities of life, breaks them down and makes fun of the overwhelm we can sometimes find ourselves in.  He talks about becoming the winningest winner of all, except sometimes you don't because sometimes you won't. He teaches us that failure is part of life and we can't always expect to be successful, but to keep trying and have another go. I love to remind myself of this lesson by remembering when my daughter was learning to walk. She didn't just wake up one morning and could walk. She learned to pull herself up on the furniture, fell down on her backside on many occasions, yet got up again and again to give it another go, she learned to take one step and then another and then eventually after much practise, she was able to walk. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves time and to allow ourselves the luxury of giving it another shot.

The story teaches about the journey being long and far, but to keep going and not to lose sight of the bigger picture. I love his take on the "waiting place". The first time I read it as an adult, it really resonated with me. We spend so much of our time waiting for things to happen that are external to us, rather than taking control of the reigns and being responsible for our own outcomes. Good things aren't just going to land on our doorstep. It takes courage, passion and perseverance, knowing what it is you're working towards and the discipline to keep going even on the days you feel like giving in and hiding in the corner. The hard work will pay off.

Everyone's got their own mountain that they're climbing. Their own passion. Their own dreams. Their own path. Their own fears. Only you know your journey, your destination and what's right for you. Remind yourself of this constantly. Have a big enough vision and reason why to keep driving you forward even on those days where you're feeling a little overwhelmed or bewildered with it all. If in doubt, grab yourself a copy of Dr Seuss and get to work unslumping yourself!

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