Thursday, 28 August 2014

Entering the World of Baby Wearing - Diary of a Second Time Mum

Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea what the term "baby wearing" meant. When a friend suggested I check it out after writing on here that Little Mister loved to be cuddled while he slept, the name conjured up all sorts of interesting images in my mind. Do you like go to the wardrobe in the morning and pick out which baby to put on for the day? Is it something conjured up by hippies? Sounds like it! (Note to self: research the origins when you have a spare moment or two!)

After discovering that baby wearing is the term given for carrying your baby/child in some form of carrier, be it structured or not, curiosity set in and I went in search online to find one. I had a carrier with Baby Number 1 and had used it a few times with Baby Number 2, but found it quite bulky and it just wasn't working for me. It was a structured one and quite a mean feat to get the baby in and out of. I absolutely couldn't get him out without waking him up!

I came across the Bubba Moe sling-type ones online and it caught my eye. I liked the look of it because it seemed to carry in the position that Little Mister loved to be held in. It was also a great price for my "babywearing" experiment. And after YouTubing the instructions, it looked pretty user friendly - something I could cope with when I am half asleep! After I won the bid, payment was made and I waited and waited and waited for it to be delivered. Three weeks later and it still hadn't arrived. So I got a refund and ordered another one.

Last week Bubba Moe sling number one finally turned up on my door step. Followed the next day by Bubba Moe sling number 2. The first couple of attempts to "wear" my baby were awkward to say the least. I am very grateful for online video tutorials on YouTube - talk about lifesaving! Anyhow, going with the theme of "if at first you don't succeed", I kept trying and found that Little Mister is now really loving it. He falls asleep in there within a few minutes of being held.

I am loving it because it frees my hands up to do other things while he's cat napping like a koala bear (is that even possible?). It's so easy to rock and jiggle him if he needs soothing or settling in this position. So I guess it's pretty safe to say that we've found ourselves a winner!

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