Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Story that Still Chokes Me Up Unexpectedly

This morning I had a phone interview with a journalist from a magazine that is doing a feature on PND.
It doesn't matter how many times I share my story, there are still days when it gets me. Some days I get taken right back to that place and those feelings and I get a bit choked up. While I realise just how far I have come since those dark days, at times there is still an element of guilt that comes into play.
I know cannot undo what has been done. I can simply use my experience to share with others to help them feel less alone and to realise that PND is more "normal" than what we're led to believe. If through the process of me sharing helps just one other person, then that is enough.
Having this reaction also makes me realise how passionate I am about supporting mums and dads on this rocky and unfamiliar road of parenthoodand how important it is that we learn to put our emotional health and wellbeing at the forefront.
It's time for it to be okay for us to share how we are really feeling on the inside. It's time to take away the mask we've been wearing for society's sake, because that's all just a facade any way.
Being a parent is a tough gig, it's unlike anything we've experienced before, but it shouldn't have to be a journey we walk alone.
I will continue to share my story, for it's bigger than me. It no longer defines who I am. It's a part of the tapestry of life I continue to weave.
Big love to you! heart emoticon
If you are not feeling great about things at the moment, then I encourage you to reach out and talk to someone. And if someone reaches out to share how they're feeling with you, please don't try to fix it, just listen with the intent to hear what they are saying. This is the best thing you can do 

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